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Technical Assistance

For Funding Agencies

We work with foundations, state and federal agencies, and regional organizations to provide the following services: 

Technical Assistance
Our team works to ensure that your agency dollars fund effective programs, funds are equitably distributed, and awards are responsibly managed.  We do this by supporting communities to apply for immediate funding opportunities, and building long-term capacity through training, education and relationship building, creating a pipeline of grant-ready projects for the future. Hubs can focus on specific sectors, such as childcare, broadband or housing, or on specific grant programs. 

Grantee Assistance Programs
Our team helps leverage funding from private foundations to strengthen the ability of your grantees to identify and apply for state, federal, and private funding opportunities. These packages can include the creation of sector-specific prospecting tools, one-on-one mentoring, training, creating a list of vetted grant-writers, and more.

Grant Fund Management
Our team helps you create or iterate on existing grant funding programs, making sure that every step from the grant strategy to the application and selection process is smooth, efficient, transparent, and inclusive. Our services include but are not limited to selecting and setting up new grants management systems, establishing program priorities, deadlines, evaluation criteria, creating application and outreach materials and strategies, and training for prospective grantees and review committee members.  

For Communities

We work with cities, counties, and special districts to provide the following services:

Project Development
Our team helps with the hardest step in securing funding—taking an idea and turning it into a grant-ready project. We help with creating project strategy, objectives, deliverables, coalition and partner building and project sustainability.

Prospecting and Eligibility Navigation
Our team shortens the amount of time that it takes to identify and vet funding opportunities for your projects. We help you understand both your eligibility as well as your competitiveness and create a funding strategy that is actionable.

Grant writing and award management
Our team provides the full spectrum of grant writing and award management services. From liaising with funding agencies, to developing your application and budget, award management and reporting.

Tools and Training
Our team can support your staff so that they are more successful in securing sustainable funding. This includes training on specific funding opportunities, hands-on support for navigating and other agency platforms, coalition building, crafting strong grant applications, finding the right data, and providing access to templates for budgets and narratives. We work with you to determine the right combination of skills for your staff.

Sector-specific Initiatives

Access to broadband is one of the defining issues of our generation, and rural communities have an opportunity to secure millions of dollars to help connect their residents and businesses. But securing that funding can be challenging. Rural Prosperity Partners leads several initiatives across the State of Oregon to make sure rural communities get connected so they can take advantage of the digital economy, telehealth, distance learning and more. If your community needs support in getting your residents and businesses connected, please reach out to us today.

USDA Technical Assistance Pilot
Rural communities and Tribal Nations across the U.S., including in Oregon, are experiencing unprecedented opportunities for federal funding. Record levels of investment in broadband buildout are being made through NTIA and USDA Rural Development. In response, Rural Prosperity Partners is working with USDA Rural Development’s Rural Utilities Service to launch Oregon’s first Rural Broadband Technical Assistance Program. The program is launching with a generous contribution $500,000 from USDA Rural Development, and $85,000 from the Roadhouse Foundation. The goal of this program is to provide communities and ISPs throughout rural Oregon, and Tribal Nations with the resources they need to capitalize on historic broadband investments; build long-term capacity and expertise in rural and Tribal communities; and create a pipeline of grant-ready projects to compete for future funding opportunities.

Broadband Action Teams
Broadband action teams are a collaboration between public, private and nonprofit stakeholders who come together to address the broadband gaps in their communities. Broadband Action Teams (BATs) help educate stakeholders on regional challenges, cultivate public-private partnerships, identify potential projects, and position communities to be competitive and secure broadband funding. Our team currently leads BATs for the Linn, Benton, Lincoln and Lane Region, Josephine County, Harney County, and previously for Deschutes County.

Broadband Leadership
Rural Prosperity Partners leads the state-wide group of Broadband Action Team leaders across the state. Through peer networking, we share the best practices and innovative solutions being employed in communities across the state. We provide information to our State Broadband Office so that communities, particularly those who have been historically marginalized or underserved, are heard.

Crowdmapping Efforts
Rural Prosperity Partners led the coalition of partners behind the Faster Internet Oregon Initiative, on behalf of Link Oregon. Faster Internet Oregon was a grassroots initiative aimed at gathering and maping actual home Internet speeds across Oregon in order to identify communities where internet access was inadequate, unavailable, or unaffordable.

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